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Central America Here I Come!!

My Winter Adventures This Year!

Well, it’s official! I have planned yet another winter adventure. Instead of flying to the East like usual, I have decided to head south to Central America. Although the trip isn’t slated to be a very long one, like usual, it is going to take me to locations that I have never been before! I am so excited!

I have decided to travel to Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. Although I have been to Belize before, I have not been to the other two! The two weeks I will be traveling will be full, adventurous, and with lots of relaxing beach time.


Tikal Ruins

Tikal ruins. Courtesy of Side78

The main motivator for visiting Guatemala is to see Tikal. I know there is so much more to see and do while visiting Guatemala, but I have been forced to prioritize due to my limited time in the country. Being the archaeology junkie that I am, I found the decision of visiting a two thousand year old Mayan ruin a simple choice!

Tikal Sunset. Photo Courtesy of Angus Dawson

If a colleague of mine says he is more impressed with Tikal then the Great Pyramids of Egypt, then Tikal is a must see! The icing on the cake is Tikal is a UNESCO World Heritage site!


San Pedro Beach

A view of San Pedro

Although I have spent time in Belize before – San Pedro to be precise – I never got the chance to scuba dive the beautiful clear waters. I figure that since I will be in the area (Guatemala) I might as well head back on over to San Pedro and get my dive on! I still am unsure if I will dive the Blue Hole or not. Not sure if I have enough confidence under the water yet to take on a feat like that. We will see.

Golf Cart

The wheels of San Pedro. Photo courtesy of Krissi.

But diving isn’t the only thing I intend to do in San Pedro; although I wouldn’t mind it. I will also be snorkeling, sailing, holding exotic little critters, drinking, and sun tanning. I cannot wait!



Roatan Beach. Photo Courtesy of James Willamor

Since I will be on my scuba diving kick, I figured I should head on over to Honduras to see what the aquatic life has to offer. I have heard the diving on the small island north of the main land known as Roatan is definitely worth a visit. But, don’t get me wrong, I am also drawn to Roatan because of the lovely beaches and culture.

Roatan – It looks so adorable! Photo Courtesy of James Willamor

So, that is the just of it. I have no idea what to expect when in Guatemala and Honduras, but I am sure it is going to be a blast! Although it isn’t the season for whale sharks in the area, I will be one happy little gal if a lost one crosses my path this trip!


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