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Photo Essay: Fiji

Green, blue, and sand. These seem the be the most predominate colors found in Fiji…naturally. But the culture is far from restricted colors. Everywhere I looked I saw people dressed in color and homes painted in every color of the rainbow. However, as I looked through my pictures I kept going back and looking at those that are rich in greens, blues, and sand (with a couple of exceptions).

Below are some of my favorites that reflects Fiji’s natural beauty. There are also a few that hold personal meaning to me that I want to share with you.



With everything around these two bottles being green and sand, I couldn’t resist stealing this picture of them. I wonder the conversation they are having.


Footprint in sand

A simple picture of a foot print in the sand. But more specifically is it my footprint in the sand on Korolevu – my own private island for a day. I also love the texture and color of this picture. This day was a great day!



Being from Minnesota we like to make the best of our winters and make snowmen. So in honor of this fact I figured I would make his cousin “Frenchie”, the sandman. This picture makes me giggle every time I see it. His limbs are coral found on the beach. He is adorable!


korolevu beach

Another angle of Korolevu.  I enjoy the transition of this picture that takes us from the beach to the sky. I also like the footprints that that lead into the water. Kind of magical.


DSC_0078There are schools throughout Fiji that are similar to these. I wanted to capture everyday life of Fiji and what better than kids at school?! I would have loved to have had that green backdrop when I was in grade school.



While on the ferry departing the port at Savusavu I was appreciating the lack of waves on the water. There is a crispness to this picture that I really appreciate. I love the texture of the water and the softness the clouds are projecting.



Another picture of Savusavu, but from another angle. It seems almost mystical in this picture.



Like the previous two pictures this is a picture of Savusavu. In those pictures I captured the blues and greys the area had to offer but had to nab some greens also. I think this is one of my most favorite images from Fiji.  The green is actually dulled down a bit due to the type of feature setting I had activated when I took the picture. But I am sure you get the picture (bad pun I know).



I actually took this picture after diving the Rainbow Reef. It was my first time diving…ever! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the dive but I was able to capture the sunset after. I took this one with my phone, but I think this is another one of my favorites.



Ok, so this picture I really wanted to share because there is something about it, yet I can’t put my finger on it. I also wanted to show my friends and family what a hostel is really like. However, this one is kind of special because they are not usually laid out like this. You also don’t often get the cleaning service that this hostel provided. Everyday they were in there changing the sheets and making the place presentable for the day. I also like this picture because it was the first hostel I stayed at for my journey.


nadi to suva

This image was taken completely by accident with my phone on my way to Suva. I am so proud of this accident for it captures my journey – Nadi to Suva. It also kind of represents the decision a traveler needs to make from time to time when at a fork in the road. This image makes me smile.


There are so many pictures I took and it was hard for me to decide which ones were to make the cut. But I think these ones give an idea of what Fiji has to offer for the nomadic traveler.


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  1. Rosemarie Michon

    Thanks for the pics and commentaries! Have fun, stay safe and keep this blog going!! 🙂

    1. amanda.petersonj@yahoo.com Post author

      Thanks, Rose! I’m glad you like them! I will keep them coming as long as you keep reading them. 🙂