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UNESCO – The Giants Causeway

The Giants Causeway

Giants causewayThe Giants Causeway is located about an hour NNW from Belfast, Northern Ireland. This little mind boggeler is a member of UNESCOs World Heritage Sites. It is the only UNESCO site in Northern Ireland.

Giants CausewayWhen I arrived to this awesome place I could not wrap my head around the fact that this was made by nature. All the rock is so perfect and symmetrical that it looks like humans could have built this area. I think I wanted the place to be mythical like the story that the site gets its name from. Probably because it was a love story, ha! You can learn about the folklore here!

Giants Causeway 2But regardless how much I want the love story to be true, I just can not argue with the science of it all. According to geologists, the formation was caused by lava activity that took place about 50-60 million years ago; give or take a few days.

Giants Causeway wideviewI lucked out with this day trip because I got to do it for free. I was staying at a hostel in Belfast called Paddy’s Palace. If you stay for a minimum of two days during the week you get to join the Paddy Wagon day tour for free (I am not sure if they still offer it in the Belfast location, but their Dublin location still offers other free day tours).

However, keep in mind that does not include the park entrance fees. But you see so much stuff during that trip, and the guide was so great, that is makes it all worth it! I highly recommend the trip to The Giants Causeway as well as the Paddy Wagon day tours and any of their locations.

Giants Causeway far shotConsidering the weather Northern Ireland is known for, I lucked out with the weather that day; it was great…for most of the day. But in all honesty, if it was down-pouring I would have enjoyed this mystical place! It really in mind blowing that nature can create such a place!

It is welcoming to all ages and physical types. There is about a mile walk down to the Causeway, but there is a shuttle that runs back and forth if you are not up for the walk. I think there is a tiny fee of a pound or so, but I was on a budge so I opted for the walk. It was leisurely and nice.

Giants Causeway meIf you are on the hunt for World Heritage Sites then this definitely is a place to go. Also, if you are on a humble backpackers budget then you can’t beat the price of free. There is a way to get here free with only a £9.00 entrance fee. The drive here alone, in car or bus, is well worth it in itself.

Lastly, going red with my hair was probably not the best life choice I made. Even worse then when I buzzed my hair down to once inch when I was 18. But that is another story for another time, ha!


If you want to learn more about The Giants Causeway and the criteria that makes it a World Heritage Site then you can find it by clicking HERE!


Let me know what your favorite UNESCO World Heritage site is!

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