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Who is Diggin’ Mandi?

Diggin mandi photoNow in my early 30s, I have decided to take a break from my career in America as an archaeologist and fulfill a lifelong dream of travel around the world…alone! I traveled Western Europe for two summers in my late 20s by myself and learned that it is never to late to travel the world. Additionally, I learned a lot about the ins-and-outs of budget travel while learning fast that my fears of being a solo female traveler were largely over exaggerated. The objective of this blog is to not only share with you the adventures of my travel and my passion for archaeology and cultural sites around the world, but to also show you that traveling alone is safe, rewarding, for all ages, and can be done on a budget. If you would like to read about my adventures and insight feel free to click here!


But, wait! First, let me take a selfie!

As if reading about me wasn’t enough, below are a bunch of photos of yours truly! No shame.


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Just call me Captain Pete! Enjoying the weekend with great friends in Wisconsin. That face...not intentional I promise. Lol

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It is impressive the time and energy that this individual put into this tiny point..thousands of years ago! I often think of what the story was at that moment.

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I am in love with this picture. I didn't take this pic, (obviously...I'm on the left), but my best friend @mahhhvelous did! She titled it, "Mandi explaining to Jaimee (visiting from Australia) what 'Minnesota nice' really is". Mandi: now listen Jaimee...! Jaimee: ........!
This trip through the chilly Colorado rockies was unforgettable. So beautiful! Now I know why so many people want to visit.

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