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Must-do’s when visiting San Pedro, Belize

San Pedro WalrusWhen visiting a new place there are some must-do’s that a person, well, must do, to get the most bang for their buck while having the best of times. At least I know that is what I prefer. Below are a few of these must-do’s while visiting San Pedro, so if you are ever wanting to visit the area you will at least have somewhat of an idea of what you can do or what to expect. Although there is much more to do then mentioned here, such as dive in the big blue hole or dance the night away at a night club, I feel the following must-do’s is a great starting point for different types of objectives and itineraries; especially if time and budget are a factor.

Rent a Golf Cart
Golf Cart

Photo courtesy by Krissi

First and foremost, renting a golf cart is a must do when visiting San Pedro. Granted the area is easily walkable, a golf cart will allow you to explore the area with ease. But better yet, they are simply plane ol’ fun! What really makes them great is their cost; they are not expensive to rent for a day (or more) and are easily accessible. This is a total win!

Snorkeling at the park and shark reef

Coral Belize

San Pedro is home to some of the best snorkeling areas. The water is clear and warm and the sea life ranges from tortoise to sharks, stingrays to barracuda. You might even get lucky and see a giant sea eel. Wherever your captain takes you, you will not be disappointed. Fortunately, the cost can not be complained about. Lastly, when visiting the shark reef, don’t worry, they don’t bite!

Sea eel...ew!

Sea eel…ew!

Catamaran Tour to Caye Caulker

Although I did not get to experience this adventure, I have heard nothing but great reviews about it. I procrastinated to long to book this tour, so do not let yourself do the same! What is great about this tour is you get to snorkel in all the great locations along the way to Caye Caulker! And from what I saw, the price was amazing!

Steak on a Stone


When you are trying to decide where to eat dinner you must make it a priority to try Ramon’s Village Resort’s ‘Steak on a Stone’! For those who do not care for steak, have no fear, for you can also cook chicken and shrimp on the Stone.


The food there will not leave you disappointed. The price is a tad high, but I noticed that if you go out to eat with another person you are able to split the cost. This will help the wallet take less of a hit.



If a specialty coffee is your main agenda then you can not pass up Marbucks! Is it me, or does the name of this fabulous coffee shop sound somewhat familiar? Getting here is like the coffee – it is a real treat. Located on the north side of the bridge, you will get to see parts of San Pedro that is not seen on the south side of the bridge.

Breakfast at Estel’s


When traveling abroad sometimes a familiar meal is craved; especially a good ol’ hearty breakfast. I know my best friend and I were looking for some quality breakfast and our options seemed few and far between until we heard about this place. Now I can say, look no further when you see Estel’s restaurant in your view! Here you will find good old eggs and bacon, and other hearty options at a fair price. The view is not to shabby either. Located right on the beach, breakfast never looked so good!

Karaoke night at Pedro’s Place

What you will hear all over San Pedro is that the best pizza can be found at Pedro’s Place. What you will not hear is that the bar has karaoke a few nights a week. While visiting San Pedro I have to say that the atmosphere and the KJ make karaoke night spectacular! It is definitely my most memorable experience. And whatever you do, DO NOT RING THE BELL…unless you WANT to buy the bar a round. It’s the rule! No exceptions!

Palapa Bar

DSC_1470If you are looking to relax while having a few drinks then a visit to the Palapa Bar is a must do. Not only is this bar located at the end of a dock that overlooks the Caribbean, but you get the option to sit in an inner tube on the water and have your drinks brought to you.


Massage on the beach

I found my massage on the beach at Solaria’s. South of the main area of San Pedro, I could not pass up the need for a massage. Needless to say, the half hour massage for only twenty dollars was well worth it.


The beach where I found my massage.

Regardless of where you find your massage on the beach, I strongly recommend not passing the opportunity up!

I know when I heard of San Pedro, Belize I figure is was going to be an expensive location. Boy was I wrong! The place is a dream for those on a budget. There are so many things a person can do here that cost just pennies on the dollar. So if you are wondering if you should visit San Pedro then you should wonder no more!

However, flying into the country can be a little bit more of an expensive feat. So if you have some time to travel to your destination over land/sea, then I would read my post here about getting to San Pedro from Mexico.


Are there any must-do’s you would suggest while visiting San Pedro?

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